IT solutions and services

Company Services

Consulting, Service

  • IT outsourcing.
  • Technical Service.
  • IT strategy development.

Corporate and institutional network infrastructure

  • Wireless networks.
  • IT/telecom infrastructure management systems.
  • Information security systems.

IP and traditional telephony solutions

  • Sales of equipment for IP-telephony organizations.
  • Call-Centre.
  • Traditional telephone network.

Data processing and storage systems

  • Data processing and storage systems.
  • Building a unified system of IT infrastructure management companies.
  • Design and implementation of corporate information systems based on multiservice telecommunication networks.
  • Communication network management systems.
  • Backbone and backbone communication networks, next generation NGN networks.
  • Solutions for fixed-line and mobile operators.
  • Call Center Solutions.
  • Information security.
  • Data Centers ("turnkey", TIA-942).
  • Operational control centers, decision support systems.
  • SCS, ACS, Fire/security alarm system.
  • Design and implementation of automated engineering systems, building management systems ("Intelligent" buildings).
  • Industrial Automation.
  • Accounting automation systems (fuel and lubricants, energy, etc.).
  • Basic asset monitoring systems.
  • The system of commercial accounting of energy resources.
  • Track condition monitoring system.
  • Video surveillance, access control and voice announcement system.
  • Supply outsourcing call centers.
  • Energy Efficiency Control Systems.